Sarasota’s Got Talent

Creative Mind Soiree – January 2012

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On the corner of Main Street and Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota sits Cafe Palm a place to be seen on this Tuesday evening in January. Dayle Hoffmann of Dream Inspired Entertainment is the founder of Creative Mind Soiree, a networking event for the film/tv/music industry. Once a month she invites guests who are movers & shakers in the industry to join her on stage for one-on-one interviews to educate, inform and entertain.

Marcus Ratzenboeck and Dayle Hoffmann
taking questions from the audience.

One this particular evening Marcus Ratzenboeck a band member of National Recording Artists’ Tantric and member of the Sarasota Orchestra takes the stage. He starts out playing his classic violin and transitions to the electric violin where he plays a portion of his bands hit song, Down and Out. When Hoffmann asks the crowd how many have heard the electric violin before less than five people raised their hands. “Introducing the community to new and exciting talent is what these soirees are all about.” she says.

Dayle Hoffmann; Host / Founder of CMS

“There was exceptional and creative talent on display as well as thought provoking ideas from guest speakers in the movie biz.” stated Leon Salem; film composer who attended the event, “Dayle is a master MC and interviewer. Her questions were on point, and she actually anticipated a couple of questions I was going to ask of the talent!” While Salem was at the soiree he picked up two scoring gigs from schmoozing with local directors and producers.

Marcus Ratzenboeck playing his electric violin

Additional guests joining Hoffmann in her “living room set up” on stage was Joshua Little; screenwriter/filmmaker speaking about the screenplay Text Message currently in production. Some of the cast and crew were also in attendance to join the conversation. Sean Dunn, local comedian made the room laugh with his humor and Saara Loeser a student at Sarasota Military Academy and up and coming musician who has made it to the second round of  auditions for America’s Got Talent greeted guests strumming her ukulele and singing some original songs.

Saara Loeser; Singer / Songwriter

“I met great people and got to exchange on subjects I am passionate about. One on one time is priceless.” stated Jennifer Diagle an actress who attended the event in hopes to find work, “The location was great & allowed everyone to interact & learn about whom people with common dreams and ideas are in this town.”

Joshua Little; Screenwriter for Text Message

The monthly soirees are becoming the talk of the town. Hoffmann has received inquires from producers in the Tampa Bay area wanting to re-create her event. “Creative Mind Soiree is a brand. It takes more than meets the eye to have a successful event.” states Hoffmann. For more information on these events send an email to

(Original story posted January 2012)

Photo Credit: Arielle Photography

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